COVID 19: Operational Stress Control and Tactical First Aid

Operational Stress Control is a form of psychological “force protection” for an organization’s or community’s most critical and highly-stress workers. Those serving in emergency management, business continuity, human resources, and security roles, as well as those on the front lines of the pandemic dealing with an anxious and overwhelmed public, may be working with extreme and persistent levels of stress that can adversely impact performance and wellness. Elements of operational stress, such as task saturation can lead to decreased situational awareness and increased execution errors which can put responders and the public at greater risk. Unchecked, operational stress can potentially reduce individual and organizational effectiveness in emergency response, and can have a lasting impact on confidence and loyalty among employees, community members and other stakeholders. To be most effective, active stress control strategies and techniques for all those involved in emergency and crisis response should be integrated into plans, operations and the culture of the organization. This program introduces key concepts in impact and intervention, as well as practical approaches to mitigating the effects of operational stress and optimizing performance under crisis conditions.

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This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.