Dopamine in the Age of COVID 19-WEB

ID: 5432WEB

People in all walks of life, including essential workers, therapists, those who are forced to stay at home to maintain personal safety, and children and adolescents deprived of educational activities and socialization, are reporting increases in stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression in the wake of Covid 19. This interactive workshop examines how we can help ourselves, and those we serve, find areas of control and inspiration to elevate our mood and increase our sense of well-being. Utilizing various videos, this workshop reflects on what neurotransmitters are stimulated when we enjoy music, comedy, and inspiration. Using a strength-based approach, participants are encouraged to augment the use of the arts to elevate mood and optimism.

Fee: $30.00
Continuing Ed. Hours (CEH): 1.50 Clinical


Instructor: Elaine Edelman, PhD, LCSW
Date: Friday, November 6, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 pm ET
Location: Zoom WEBINAR
Class Unavailable

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