Generation Silent -- Addressing Aging in the GLBT Community

The generation who fought for LGBT rights, who brought the conversation of sexual orientation out of the closet are now battling discrimination on 2 levels: aging and orientation. As clinical staff we are called to understand, appreciate and engage with seniors who have womanned and manned the front lines of the fight for sexual orientation acceptance. This workshop will address the process of growing up gay, coming out, family dynamics, community and healthcare awareness or lack thereof. Participants will explore their own values, attitudes and beliefs about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression and begin to integrate and assess the impact of these issues on aging individuals and their families. Topics addressed include affirmative and inclusive language, best practice considerations, aging-specific issues and sexually inclusive interviewing. Social work ethics will be reviewed and emphasized as a foundation for working affirmatively with clients. This workshop does not qualify for NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors) clock hours in ethics.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.