Increase Your Funding Through Program Evaluation

ID: 7170

How do you know if your work is effective? How would a prospective funder know whether your program is a good investment? The funder will never know unless you evaluate the effectiveness of the program. This workshop will explain how to complete simple and complex evaluations, how to select the outcomes you should measure and how to locate evidence based measures and intervention programs. Competition for funding is fierce. Use program evaluation to stand out from all other programs applying for grants. This workshop builds on Program Evaluation -An Opportunity, Not a Burden so it is the second in a two day series on program evaluation. It is highly recommended that those who attended Program Evaluation -An Opportunity, Not a Burden this season, or in the past, attend this complementary workshop. However, participants who do not attend the first Program Evaluation course are still encouraged to attend this one. This workshop does not qualify for NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors) clock hours.

Fee: $129.00
Continuing Ed. Hours (CEH): 5.00


Instructor: Alex Redcay, MSW
Date: Friday, January 11, 2019
Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Location: 390 George St., 3rd floor - CLASSROOM B
Class Unavailable

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