Moving from Self-Criticism to Self-Care: The Healing Power of Self-Compassion

Most people raised in Western cultures have been socialized to believe that expression of self-confidence is egotistical and that self-acceptance and self-compassion will hamper their motivation to succeed and to reach their highest potential. Thus, few of us give ourselves the loving-kindness, forgiveness and acceptance we can freely give to a dear friend, a partner, a colleague or even a stranger. In fact, our self-talk is often riddled with self-criticism, self-doubt and continual comparison with unattainable images and standards. Current research is confirming that these long-held beliefs are myths that are actually negatively affecting our physical, as well as our emotional health. There is evidence that self-compassion can to create emotional healing, reduce anxiety, improve health, enhance quality of life and even facilitate weight loss! This workshop will present the current research on self-compassion, including case studies of its transformative effects. Participants will learn to practice techniques and exercises to cultivate self-compassion that they can teach to clients and use in their own lives.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.