Brief Therapeutic Practices and Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Recovery

Lifestyle and behavioral choices have a profound impact on the health of adults and may contribute to premature death, particularly for those with addiction and/or mental health issues. One of the best ways to improve on this outcome is for a person to be in a solid and consistent wellness/recovery program. This workshop focuses on presenting and learning brief therapeutic practices that can be taught during group or individual sessions to enhance clients recovery efforts. Ways in which stress management, breath work, exercise, and nutrition can improve ones recovery program will be examined. Through lecture, role play, and live demonstrations, participants will learn; a) 10 setup behaviors that can undermine recovery and lead to relapse; b) 5 ways heart health can strengthen recovery; c) 15 brief therapeutic practices to enhance recovery; d) 5 ways the fight/flight response impacts ones overall health and recovery process; and e) 5 ways exercise improves ones mental health and long term recovery. Because this workshop is highly experiential, informal dress and comfortable shoes are recommended.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.