The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapping: Level II Evidence-Based Treatment for Emotional & Physical Pain

Level II EFT is for clinicians that want to continue to fine tune and expand their EFT skills. Pre-requisite is having taken any day long EFT training, including these in this brochure AND have recently practiced EFT at least 10 times with you, friends, colleagues or clients. After a quick review to assure all are on the same page, we will move quickly using EFT to desensitize issues and upsets in the present, past and the future, and to free the individual to take thoughtful action. There are now over 80 published research articles proving EFT is evidence-based practice. We will also review the pain protocol as an alternative to opioid medication, a possible preventive model in this horrible opioid epidemic.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.