This is a Time of Suffering: Comforting Ourselves through Self-Compassion

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There is no denying that this time in our history is one of the most stressful in our lifetime. Prolonged exposure to stress is scientifically proven to be detrimental to our physical and emotional health. It is more important now than ever to understand the power of self-acceptance and self-compassion in buffering the stress response and the psychological and physiological impact it has on our health. Neuroscientists have proven that critical self-talk is perceived by the brain as a threat to our survival and generates a similar stress response to an external traumatic event. These webinars will allow participants to assess their own level of self-compassion. This webinar will discuss the definition and elements of self-compassion, the stages of self-compassion and obstacles to self-compassion. Also, this will is primarily experiential and will introduce participants to a variety of self-compassion exercises that they can easily practice themselves or teach to their clients.

Fee: $60.00
Continuing Ed. Hours (CEH): 3.00


Instructor: Lori Schlosser, PhD
Date: Friday, January 27, 2023
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm ET
Location: Zoom (Interactive Webinar)
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Content Level

Beginner - Advanced

Webinar Completion Requirements

About the Instructor

Lori R. Schlosser, PhD, MSW, has over 25 years of administrative and policy related experience in the public mental health field. She is a part-time lecturer at the Rutgers School of Social Work, teaching courses in mental health policy, health care and aging and social welfare policy. Dr. Schlosser developed the curriculum for the Strategic Management module of the DCPP Management Fellows Project. She developed and conducted continuing education programs in the areas of self-care, change leadership, the neuroscience of optimal well-being, stress management, and mindfulness for a wide variety of organizations.

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