Strategies for Creating Trauma Responsive Institutions: Concrete Actions, Activities and Approaches-WEB

This webinar is designed to provide individuals within organizations that serve traumatized individuals, with particular attention to clients/patients affected by COVID-19, with concrete strategies that will enable them to help their institutions become more trauma responsive. Attention will also recognize and address institutional reopening. This webinar focuses on how institutions themselves can develop a greater trauma responsive culture, especially upon reopening, and the importance of this cultural change for those individuals served and the caregivers working there. Through discussion and examples the webinar participants will have a set of tools to take back to and adapt for their home institutions. In this webinar, participants will see that there is no single strategy to enable institutions to become trauma responsive; instead, there are many approaches, actions and activities (the 3A’s) that, together, enable significant and invaluable institutional trauma responsiveness. [Elective for Trauma Response & Crisis Intervention or Non-Profit and Public Management Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.