Safety in Practice-WEB

This is a 2 day webinar. In any helping profession, direct contact with families and clients is essential to practice. Risk is an inevitable part of this relationship and can present in multiple forms. Interpersonal, environmental, emotional risks are all a part of reasonable expectation of the work. The question becomes how can we practice in a way that mitigates risk and preserves the positive relationship between providers and those in need. The webinar is a multifaceted delivery that includes assessment of the persons with whom your interact, associated persons and ways to minimize likeliness of harm. The workshop addresses the physical environment, what to look for and how to identify and prepare for or react to threats seen or unseen. The webinar presents with strong emphasis on awareness and preparedness. NOTE: * This is a 2-day webinar, scheduled for 7/27/20 & 8/10/20.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.