Managing Microaggression and Implicit Bias in the Classroom

This event is available for faculty, part-time lecturers and teaching staff.

Presented as a two-part workshop, Part I of this event will first feature Willard W.C. Ashley, Sr., DMIN, NCPSYA, SCP presented on Managing Microaggression and Implicit Bias in the Classroom.

Part II will be co-presented by Samuel C. Jones, Assistant Dean for PTL Development and Associate Professor of Teaching, and part-time lecturer, Alison Grant, MSW, LCSW on A Solution-Focused Approach to Managing Challenging Classroom Discussions.

This event is second in the teaching development series on anti-racist teaching, Pursuing Truth and Justice: Keeping the Conversation Alive. The Office of Continuing Education will provide 2 continuing education credits. Faculty will learn how to identify microaggressions and implicit bias in themselves and their responses to others in the classroom. Objective: Faculty will acquire tools for managing incidents and expressed microaggression and implicit bias in the classroom.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.