Refugees and Humanitarian Migrants in New Jersey: Strengths and Challenges-WEB

Since 2001, over 9,000 refugees have been resettled in the state of New Jersey as part of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. They are among the thousands of individuals fleeing persecution in their homelands who come to the United States each year as refugees, asylum seekers, and humanitarian migrants. This webinar will discuss who the refugees are, how they enter the U.S., what assistance is available, and what agencies are providing these services. We will examine the experience and common challenges of resettlement/relocating to a new country, including the impact of persecution and past trauma. We will examine mental health as an often unmet or unnoticed need and how providers working with these individuals can address mental health and other needs. The webinar will also cover the importance of learning about this population now and review key considerations for providers working with refugees, as there is a likelihood that there will be increased numbers of refugees, asylees, and humanitarian migrants that will interface with service providers as a result of policy changes by the Biden Administration.

This workshop does not have any offerings for this semester.