Somatic Therapy for Anxiety and Trauma Part 2-WEB

ID: 5711WEB

This interactive webinar will introduce clinicians to the method of a Somatic - Based Therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE™). SE is a potent psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress. It is the life’s work of Dr. Peter A. Levine, resulting from his study of stress physiology, psychology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics, together with over 45 years of successful clinical application. In Part 2, clinicians will further expand their clinical toolbox, receiving at least 5 Somatic Based Practices for self-care for themselves and for clients. Participants will receive the benefit of clinical case discussions using an SE model to work with symptoms of trauma. The Diaphragm Model from Osteopathic Medicine will be reviewed as a theory for understanding how to release stored traumatic energy in the body. *You do not have to attend Part 1 to attend Part 2.

Fee: $60.00
Continuing Ed. Hours (CEH): 3.00 Clinical


Instructor: Sara Kossove, LCSW, LCADC, ACSW, SEP
Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
Location: Zoom WEBINAR
Class Unavailable

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